*Report* $27.6 Million – 18th & Vine improvements plan leveraged $44 million of private investment


(KANSAS CITY, Mo.) — Two years after receiving a $7 million allocation from the City Council to launch a three-phase plan to remake the 18th and Vine Historic District, a 24-page report was released on Wednesday to update the public on the remarkable improvements being made to one of Kansas City’s most treasured areas.

Third District Councilmembers Jermaine Reed and Quinton Lucas presented the newly-published 18th and Vine Improvements Plan Update and Year-in-Review to a group of stakeholders gathered to hear more about the vision and plan to revitalize this popular entertainment district.

“The $7 million is making the impact we had hoped for and has already leveraged $44 million of private investment to date with a potential of hundreds of millions for the area,” said Reed, who chairs the 18th & Vine Development Policy Committee.

The City’s initial investment in July 2016 covered Phase I of a larger $27.6 million venture. The City and the 18th & Vine Development Policy Committee are overseeing multiple projects. City Manager Troy Schulte, who reported that a considerable amount of work already has been completed, presented 12 projects for Phase 2 along with his recommendations for funding. 

“With the success of Phase 1 of the 18th & Vine Revitalization Plan, it is time to turn our attention to Phase 2,” Schulte said. “We remain committed to being fiscally responsible with City funds and to transforming 18th & Vine into a multi-use district that appeals to a diverse and intergenerational community.”

Councilmember Lucas reminded attendees of the legacy of the 18th & Vine District. “We’ve proved with a strong vision and hard work that this treasure of our community will remain a treasure,” Lucas said.

Attendees received a guided tour of the district so they could take a closer look at the progress. Reed said he expects to continue gaining momentum and support both from the community and his fellow councilmembers. “We look forward to advocating for future funding for Phases 2 and 3, and continuing our commitment to the 18th & Vine District,” Reed said.

Visit 18VineKC.com to sign up for project updates or to get more information. Feedback on what the public wants to do, see and hear at 18th & Vine can be shared at kcmomentum.org.

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